iPhone12 Pro Max 2020 Review

iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you are looking for the Big Screen iPhone of 2020? 

I will review the best 2020 iPhone, iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is the biggest iPhone. It’s powerful with the most extended battery timing. It also has the most significant camera notch. The cost of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is too high. You have required a deep pocket for this large iPhone also. The features of this iPhone were perfect. The fantastic cell phone of 2020. I read many reviews to deliver the shortest view for you. iPhone 12 pro max looks like iPhone11 Pro max, but iPhone12 Pro Max’s system is improved. The ceramic shield also improved. It can protect your iPhone from damage with more 4X power. 

The display has a slightly higher resolution, a 6.7-inch screen instead of 6.1 inches from last year, Max. So this is the giant screen that was ever put on iPhone. I would like them to make a higher refreshment rate. Excellent smartphone display. I also talked about the battery of the iPhone pro max does have a giant battery in any of the iPhones, yet it does.

Suppose you are looking for the iPhone with the best battery, it is, It is comfortable from the iPhone 11 pro max. I would say maybe just a tiny bit, This is also the most significant iPhone and has the most influential speakers, and the biggest iPhone also has the biggest screen that looks amazing. So there was the latest technology with the biggest screen ever. 


 If you are looking for an extra Camera, Then my question is this: Is this the new camera system on the 12pro max worth spending the extra money on and getting it over the 12 and the 12 Pro, No. So I also find out, is a physically more considerable camera margin; the camera lens and sensors are even more significant than any iPhone. It has a sensor-shift base stabilization and lens base stabilization, and a new 2.5x telephoto lens, so that’s big to look for improvements in, especially in lower-lit photos. You are all guys who have a dream to click the best pictures in lower lit also. This phone can do this. The picture quality was superb. The 12 pro max has even better picture quality than iphone12, and it is excellent photography in lower lit and daylit.

Apple made the jump in Hardware, but nothing will have happened. I think that apple can be made a bigger jump in Hardware and that it was fine that the 50 percent sensor was improved. But if you look at the world around the iPhone, there’s a lot of good stuff hardware gone on. There also have 50 60 and 100-megapixel sensors. There is an 8k video happening. Apple can grab money they took benefit from slowly upgrading.

Price for 128GB £1,099 , $1.099 ,AUS $1,849 

The price for 256GB   $1,199 , £1,199 , AUS 2,019 and price for 512GB  $1,399 / £1,399 / AU$2,369

In Pakistan 264,999 starts 

Video Performance

  The iPhone 12 Pro Max was amazing to make 4K videos. If you are a moviemaker, then you are definitely looking for iPhone12 Pro Max. This phone also has a Dolby vision to make 4k videos up to 60 fps. Video digital zoom up to 7x. It can record high-quality images and videos. Portrait Mode was also advanced. The digital zoom of this phone is up to 12X. It also has a feature of Portrait lighting with six effects(Natural, High-key Mono, Studio, Contour, Stage Mono, and Stage). There was also a 2.5X optical Zoom in, 2X optical Zoom out, 5X optical zoom range.


This iPhone 5G network is also available.5G also be the future of mobiles. In the coming years, 5G will become much more in the world. Yet, in many countries, 5G is not available. It is also a future-proofing. 5G can provide amazing speed to make your life faster.

The iPhone12 Pro Max has many features same as an iPhone12 Pro. 

A14 Bionic Chip

 We can talk about the A14 Bionic chip. It was the fastest chip in this iPhone, and it pushes what was possible. Like shooting in Dolby vision, infect pro movie cameras can’t do that. It was terrific, guys. It was so efficient with excellent battery life. So, guys, you prepare yourself for the latest pretty technologies to come. This chip is also in iPhone12 pro.

The Super Retina HDR Display

If I can talk about display, then the production was so perfect. The brilliant exchange from LCD to LED.iPhone 12 Pro Max has the most powerful features. HDR photos and super 4k Dolby vision video recording require a powerful screen to display. So the company gives it our best. 

This iPhone has ip68 Water resistant. That means a mobile can be dropped into the water. Sincerely 6 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. It was acceptable. IP 68 water-resistant is not very good but not bad. If your iPhone was damaged in water, then Apple doesn’t cover the warranty.

There was a difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

Water Proof 

Waterproof means your cell is not damaged in water for a long time or to any degree, no matter how much time was spent on the water.


Water-resistant means your cell resistance was protecting your cell in water for a particular degree or limited time.

You can also buy Charger personally. Apple did not give

iPhone 12 Pro Max Specifications

Capacity  128GB,256GB,512GB  
RAM: 6GB  
Height: 6.33 inches 
Width:   3.07 inches
Weight: 228 grams (8.03 ounces)
Depth: 0.29 inches
Display:  6.7 inch (Diagonal) with OLED display  Super Retina XDR display HDR display, Wide color, Haptic touch  800 nits max brightness typically,  1200 nits max brightness HDR The display can support multiple languages as well   
Resolution:1284×2778 resolution at 458ppi
Water Resistant & Dust Resistant  IP68 with a max depth  of 6 meters up to 30 minutes 
IEC standard: 60529
 Chip: A14 bionic 
Camera: Wide& Ultra –Wide& Telephoto Camera Front Camera: Digital Zoom:  Night Mode: Video Digital Zoom:12MP f/1.6 aperture +12MP f/1.4 aperture +12MP f/2.0 aperture 12MP f/2.2 aperture 12X  Ultra wide,wide 6X
MagSafe: Operating System: wireless charging up to 15W, Magnet Array IOS 14
 Colors:  Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific Blue Textured matte Glass back and steel  design

In My Opinion

iPhone 12 Pro Max ProsiPhone 12 Pro Max Cons
Amazing DisplayThe biggest screen feels almost very large
Battery life was improvedMany features same as 12pro 
Camera was brilliantNo charger, 
 No Hand free
 Most Expensive

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