GPU Prices Are Down & iPhone SE Production Reduced

gpu prices are down

We have some good news for you; yeah, if you heard right, GPU prices are down by 25%. Everybody was waiting for GPU prices to drop, and I think the time has come to pick the best GPU. Over the past few years, we have been facing a high increase in graphic card prices, and many people cannot get a graphic card. There were several reasons behind it, but now it seems the situation is under control, and maybe we will see a high drop in GPU prices. On the other hand, fans are eagerly waiting for the next iPhone, but according to recent news, Apple has reduced the production of the iPhone SE.

GPU prices are down, but the question is, why?

A graphic card is pretty expensive for a while but doesn’t worry; we have some positive news for you. The US federal government has lifted some taxes on goods from China, specifically PCBs. So the hope is that the products like motherboards will see a price drop soon. The import taxes ranged anywhere from an additional 7.5% to 25%. So this will make things easier for the manufacturers. Whether graphics card prices will also drop that’s a bit harder to predict across the board due to high demand. But Asus is announcing that it’s dropping its graphic card prices by up to 25% starting April 1st.

Unfortunately, there is also bad news for the entire chip industry. According to a report out of Taiwan, it’s expected that Fabs will have to pay over 200 bucks for a 12-inch Silicon wafer by 2024, the highest record price. This marks an increase of 20 to 25% over current levels, and to make matters worse, most fabs have multi-year contracts with wafer makers. They are going to be rather hard to obtain. The good news is that the big wafer makers plan to expand their capacity.

Apple has reduced the production of the iPhone SE.

down the production of the new iPhone SE. In fact, the company is planning to cut production next quarter by a full one-fifth. Apple is still expected to ship as many as 20 million lower iPhones this year. But this is the lower number than Apple was hoping for. Low demand, not the chip shortage, is the culprit marking the latest example of consumers simply not being all that excited. Remember what happened with iPhone 5C? There is also a price increase of $30 over the previous iPhone SE.

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